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Donna Rose began singing publicly at 6 years old, performing solo and in choirs and choruses for 25+ years. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from Meredith College, Raleigh, N.C., and began teaching voice on May 7, 1990.

Her approach to voice lessons is wholistic: teaching technique in a balanced way that addresses body, mind and spirit, and which naturally develops and strengthens the singing apparatus while reducing interference. Students are encouraged to sing with awareness, feeling, vibration and connection while building a solid, natural, and scientific basis from which to express themselves. Lessons are tailored for the individual student, with the direction and pace of the lessons set by the student's abilities, needs, motivation, desire, and learning level.

In teaching voice, Donna Rose helps to uncover and free each student's own unique voice and style, which is an unfolding, evolving process; and which often involves the student learning to love and trust their own voice and self.

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The Wholistic Voice - a wholistic approach to singing: body, mind & spirit
-Donna Rose, B.M., Wholistic Voice Teacher

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